Sunday, November 14, 2010

New Job

At the beginning of October I received and e-mail about a dietary tech position at Intermountain Healthcare in the NICU. I was really excited and started filling out the really long application and then I started to get stressed as I tried to study and finish all my projects at the same time so I decided I wouldn't submit the application. A few days later I got an e-mail from HR asking me to finish the application because they wanted to set up an interview. I was flattered and not stressed at the time so I finished it(well tried, the site wasn't working) and had the interview. I didn't think anyone from my classes really applied because I hadn't heard anything but while waiting for the interview a girl from my major walked in and I thought I had no chance. The interview went well though. I had prepared for a typical interview where they ask your strengths and weakness and all that but this interview was much more relaxed. I was asked to pretty much share my life history/background. A few hours after the interview HR called me and said I needed to do one more part of the application because I did really well at my interview. I finished it right away and then HR called the next day and said I got the job and that I would start on Monday!

Monday was a full day orientation at the hospital for all new employees. The orientation was kind of boring but later that week I began training. Two weeks ago I started the real thing. I have to wake up at 5am and be to work by 5:30. Myself and a few other diet techs gather information from each baby's chart from the previous day and condense everything it says so the doctor and dietitian have an overall picture of what is happening and how the baby is doing (the babies are so cute!). There are a lot of little rules and exceptions to remember so I think it will take me a little while longer to really get it all down.

It is fun to work in the hospital! It is cool to see what actually goes on and how doctors, nurses, and dietitians all interact and contribute to helping a tiny baby. We are so lucky to have so much medical knowledge and technology. So many lives are improved and saved because of it!