Sunday, March 27, 2011

Just Dance

This last weekend my mom and Tom came to town. We got together for one night at Meri's and played Just Dance on the Wii. It is super fun and pretty much a workout if you do it long enough.
Not only is this game fun to play but it is really fun to watch people play.

Sweet moves!
Alex is so cute! What a great family bonding game! And it is physically active! :)

Cute video of Nathan.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Family and Hands


Nick has been busy studying for the MCAT. He is very dedicated and it has really paid off. He has now taken two practice exams (they are old MCATs) and scored as high as a 36 so hopefully with more studying and practice up to May 21 when he takes the test he will score even higher! I have just been studying and working. I'm continuing my two part time jobs this summer (diet tech and nutrition TA) but I'm hoping to get another one so I can work a total of 40 hours a week.

In the past week we have seen a lot of family. Last weekend Nick's sister Heidi came in town so we hung out with her and Nick's other sister Allison and played games. We love games! On Monday my brother Brett came in town with his girlfriend Heather so we had dinner with them and Meri's family. We also played Just Dance on the Wii. Nick is becoming a really good dancer! Then on Thursday Nick's mom came in town so we got to see her for a bit. During Christmas time when we went to Washington we bought this picture of Christ but couldn't fit it in our suitcase but Nick's mom was able to find room for it. I love it!

(the computer on the couch is hooked up to the tv. We are watching BYU vs. Gonzaga but have to stream it over the internet. Go BYU!)

So, ever since October I have had some really dry spots on my hands. I started my job at the hospital in October so I think it is caused by the soap. I went to the doctor in November and got some cream but that did nothing. I have also put Bag Balm and gloves on my hands while I sleep every night and that too hasn't helped. I just went this last week to a dermatologist and he wasn't quite sure what caused it. It could be from the soap at the hospital or my shampoo (but I've been using my shampoo for quite a while now). Hopefully changing these and using a new ointment will help.