Wednesday, January 1, 2014

7 Months

Carly is already 7 months old.  Time really does fly by!  I can't believe how much she has changed both physically and developmentally.  She gets more fun and cuter each day!  Here are some updates from December:

Carly loves her binky and while playing she can always find it among all her toys and stick it in her mouth.  Maybe this is normal for her age but I am so amazed and proud of her for being able to do that.

Carly has mastered grabbing toys and likes to shake them.  On time she was playing with a hard plastic toy and started shaking it and hit herself in the head... that was a sad moment.

She can sit up all on her own.  That is her most favorite position too probably because she can easily see us while playing with her toys.

She can sleep 12 hours at night.  I say can because sometimes she wakes up early or once during the night.

We got Carly a Jumperoo off Craigslist and while she still hasn't figured out how to jump yet, she loves the little toys on it.

Sometimes while sitting playing with her toys she will rock forward and back.  It's pretty cute.

She loves her feet especially when her socks are off and is laying on her back.  Why are babies so cute when they hold on to their feet?

Carly loves to buzz her lips and spitting.  It's one of her favorite pass times, especially in the car.  She also likes to blow.  It's so cute to see her little lips in a circle and cheeks puffed. :)

While bathing Carly likes to suck on the rag so I give her a separate rag to chew/suck on while I bathe her.

Carly is learning to drink from a cup.  She thinks it's really fun.  There is a lot of backwash though.

She gets so happy and excited when we play hide and seek by putting a blanket over and face and taking it off.  I love making her laugh!

Carly sometimes laughs when I whisper in her ear.  I'm not sure if she thinks it is funny or if it just tickles.

She still enjoys listening to daddy play the guitar and lately favors Nick's Zorro song.  Those two are so stinkin cute together!

Carly sometimes lays on the floor playing while we sit on the couch and she will often stare at us making cute sounds like she is trying to get our attention and approval.  We look at her and smile and she gets so happy.

She kind of gives kisses now.  She just opens her mouth and touches her lips to our cheeks.  We get excited and cheer for her for positive reinforcement. :)

Carly went on her first plane ride!  She did pretty good.  She fussed a bit because we had to wake her up at 5am and she didn't get a good nap on the plane since she doesn't like being held while sleeping.

Carly hadn't seen Grandma Dueck in 5 months but warmed up in just hours.  They even got to spend some one on one time while Nick and I went to eat at Salty's for some delicious seafood and then on another day while we went to The Hobbit.

Grandma Dueck runs a daycare in her basement and Santa came to see the kids so Carly joined the fun and got to sit on Santa's lap and wear a red dot on her nose. She just looked up at Santa trying to figure out what was going on.

The cousins love Carly... even the 12 year old boy!  But who doesn't love babies!?  Carly loves them too!  She loves being around other kids.

Carly's first Christmas!  She was good to me that night and slept from 8pm to 7:30am!  She got a few little toys that she liked shaking and putting in her mouth but she didn't have a clue that it was a holiday.

Carly also got to see Auntie Heidi while in Seattle.  She warmed up quickly to her too.  Heidi loves Carly so much she let Carly try on her engagement ring.  Haha!

She loves balloons!  She had so much fun playing with this pink balloon.

She likes sucking on pineapple.  One time I was holding it the wrong way and and she gummed off a piece and I started freaking out but we got it out.

Her jabbering is increasing.  She now makes a "ya ya ya" sound which of course is cute to us.

Carly is a cuddler and I absolutely love it!  She even cuddled with Grandma.

Carly loves to make us smile and melt our hearts.

I'm so grateful that we have Carly in our life.  She brings so much joy and is helping me to become a better person.