Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Our Current Status

For the summer Nick and I are both working full time. I definitely need a break from school because I have been going for 20 months straight! I am currently working at Linx Communications. I work as a qualifier. That means that the sales reps call me with the customer’s credit card info and I run their card to see if they are qualified to get dish or direct TV and then I sign them up. It is nice to just go to work for 8 hours and come home and not have homework! In the spare time I will soon have after I get my new license and purchase the things we need for our home I am going to start working on making a cook book of all my favorite recipes. Please send me any of your delicious recipes!

Nick is working for AMP security in customer service and tech support. He also currently works for the census as well. It is great to both have jobs but he works in the morning and I work in the afternoon until 9 or 10 at night so we don’t get to see each other a lot. In Nick's spare time he loves to look up anything about science. He took my pathophysiology book from last semester and has started reading it. He begged me to not sell it back so he can read it. haha. He also likes to read the books from the series call The Wheel of Time. I think it has 12 books and he is on the 5th or 6th. I can't keep track any more. Nick also is very good at the guitar and has written a lot of his own music so he plays that too!

Together we enjoy taking walks but unfortunately the weather hasn't been very warm lately and it is the middle of May! We also like to just sit back after a long day of work and talk or watch a show. Some shows we enjoy are community, the marriage ref, american idol, the office, and soon so you think you can dance. We used to do P90X together but now that our work schedules are opposite we have to do it separately. I did a workout Monday and I'm still sore from it. Never stop working out or get out of shape because it kills to get back in. We also enjoy cooking and eating together. In the apartment we're in we have a barbecue so Nick barbecued us some tasty chicken while I cooked the potatoes and corn. It is so much fun to be married!


  1. cute blog. Your life sounds so fun!
    i got p90x today. I am so scared to start!

  2. Love your blog Melanie! Ben still has a lot of his undergrad science books and his medical books. They came in handy quite a few times - so don't sell them all! :)

    Married life is wonderful. I am so happy for you Melanie! I look forward to reading your updates on your blog. Post some more photos of your life . . . it is fun to have a glimpse of it even though we are so far away!

    I have not been very good at keeping up my family blog - I do more on my other blog these days.

    Stop by . . .