Monday, May 30, 2011

Earring holder

I kept my earrings in this container but they would fall down and it was annoying to try to fish them out. It was also hard to see all of them so I made this:

I just bought an 8x10 frame at the dollar store and took out the glass and back. I then hot glued some fabric on and made a few fabric roses to glue on. I bought the 8.5x11 white plastic grid (I forgot what it is called but it is by all the yarn at probably any craft store) at Hobby Lobby and hot glued it to the back of the frame. I also bought a frame stand to rest the earring holder on. It cost me a total of $7 and holds all my earring very nicely. It looks as though I can't buy or make anymore earrings because I don't have anymore room....but I could probably squeeze a few more on. ;)


  1.'re so crafty! It is way cute!!

  2. Cute! FYI- my 30th birthday is in 109 days.

    PS- when do I get to see you?

  3. Super cute, Mel! I would have you make me one, but I don't have pierced ears. ;)

  4. Mel, I want to make this! I need some organization for my jewelry...