Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Best Husband Ever!

I have the best and most handsome husband in the world!

I wasn't having a great day the other day and was a bit cranky but Nick surprised me with this beautiful flower:

Nick is hilarious and makes me laugh a lot.  A couple nights ago he was on a roll and although I was trying to fall asleep he had me laughing non stop for 5 minutes.  :)

Sometimes Nick doodles some pretty funny pictures for me.  Here are just a few:

Nick drew this a few days after our anniversary and it hangs on our fridge.  He drew us as bears on a picnic.  I have no idea where he gets his inspiration from but this was during church.  In the top right corner he wrote in parentheses (husband) just in case I forgot.  haha.  Oh, and SWAK means Sealed With A Kiss.

A lot of people in my ward have been popping out babies making me a bit baby hungry so Nick drew this picture of me having a baby at the train station and he is catching the baby.  Kind of weird.  haha.  I hope it definitely does not happen this way.
Nick is currently applying for medical school and is working on his secondary applications (pricey!).  He has studied and worked so hard and it has paid off (hopefully literally as well).  I am so proud of him and am excited for him to go on to medical school!

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  1. Shoot! And I always wanted this award!! Love you guys! -Kevin