Saturday, December 29, 2012

It's a...


We went and got an early ultra sound for a gender test on Thursday and found out baby Dueck is a girl! Nick thought it was going to be a boy but I kinda thought it was a girl and it is! We are so thrilled!  I'm so glad we had a clear picture right between the legs (but I didn't include that one).

Nick's family was in town and we wanted to tell them in a fun way so before going to the doctor in the morning I baked some cupcakes and then when we got home I injected them with pink frosting using a piping bag and tip. I then iced them with chocolate ganache and put a white question mark on top. (They weren't as perfect as I would have liked because we were rushing so we could share the news before we went to Les Miserables.) We had them all make their guess before taking a bite. Some of them were so surprised because when we first got there we told them that it was very obvious and they assumed that it was a boy but they were wrong. Haha! A video and some pictures are below.

For my family I took a picture of the cupcakes and one cut in half right before going to Nick's family and texted and emailed them while driving there.  My sister Rachel was up at my mom's and they even went shopping and got a few things for our little girl right after they found out!  It makes me so happy and grateful to have such a supportive family who shares in our excitement!

I love the look on their faces!

Here is our sweet girl opening her mouth (drinking or yawning).  You can kind of see her hand up in front of her face.
And here is her cute little foot!

We already love our little girl soooo much!  It's pretty funny how concerned Nick gets.  He gets all worried that she is being squashed/hurt when we're cuddling or I'm laying on my stomach (which doesn't even really pop out yet... I should start taking pictures of my growth though).  He's going to be such a cute daddy to our little girl!  We are so excited for her to join our family!  Is it June yet?... 162 days!!!


  1. Congrats! Girls are so much fun!

    1. Thanks! Congrats to you too! That's nice that Kate came early!

  2. What an exciting moment to find out that we are getting another girl to our family!! Can't wait to meet her. You and Nick will be wonderful parents!