Thursday, August 1, 2013

2 Months

Carly is starting to do a little more than just eat, sleep, and poop!

The first week in July we went on a family reunion with Nick's family to a cabin in Sun Dance.  Carly was barely a month old so we were a little worried about how she would do or rather how we would do with her.  Prior to the reunion Carly had not been sleeping well in her crib and we had to have her sleep almost the whole night in her vibrating chair.  Surprisingly she slept very well in her pack and play bassinet.  She slept for 5-6 hour stretches at night which was great for me!  Carly was a bit spoiled during the Dueck family reunion because everyone wanted to hold baby Carly which also gave me and Nick a break.

Kate sat next to me while nursing waiting to hold Carly and let me know multiple times that she washed her hands so she was ready. haha!

Right after the Dueck reunion we went to my family reunion up in Sun Valley, Idaho.  Carly wasn't as spoiled there because every one of my siblings had their own baby to take care of and were used to being around the cuteness of a newborn.  There Carly slept 7 hour stretches at night and I thought I was going to burst (grateful for the rest but in a bit of pain).  Well at this time Carly was 5 weeks and started to smile when we played with her, liked to cuddle on my chest, and started to follow our movement more.

She usually falls asleep in the car.  So peaceful.

Carly is starting to stay awake a little more in car rides and on walks.  She likes to look around.
She is really starting to coo and smile so much more.
Some positions that she likes are on her stomach on our laps and when we hold her on our laps she likes to be seated facing out so she can see what's going on.

Sometimes when I lay Carly down to change her diaper she stretches by arching her back and lifting her arms up by her head but still bent at the elbows.  It's my favorite!

At the end of July we moved out of our apartment in Provo, UT that had been home to us for 3 years and moved to Omaha, NE.  Before Carly was born I packed everything that we wouldn't need to use like all our books, most of our clothes, everything in the storage...  The final few days before leaving packing and cleaning took a lot of time.  Carly spent most of that time in her bouncy chair if she wasn't sleeping or I wasn't nursing her.  Aunt Heidi came a few times and helped us by holding Carly which made a great difference and we are so grateful for her love and service.  Carly was a great sport and did great on the two day drive to Omaha.  My mom came with us and kept Carly company in the back seat.  We stopped to feed Carly about every 3-4 hours and she slept almost the whole time while in the car.

Carly loves it when we talk and play with her.  Her eyes get so big and light up and she Oo's and Aw's.  It is so precious.

She sometimes snores.  Isn't it cute!?

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