Friday, January 28, 2011

Recent Activities

I started making this shirt in the summer but then got distracted, started school, and didn't have a sewing machine. Since I got a sewing machine for Christmas I was able to finish it. (It is hard to see the ruffles since it is black, but trust me it is cute!)
I have come to realize that my camera stinks! I would not take a decent picture to show the ruffles but this is the best I've got:

Other things we've been up to:

Yes. It is hard to say that this is actually my counter top. We've been busy with homework, work, and practicing the piano for church. Hey, but at least I'm cooking and eating delicious and nutrition food! :) (FYI- I cleaned it all up but it took some time)

This week I had a craving for a food from my childhood... Pigs in a Blanket (more like piglets since we used little smokies). And guess what?!?! While eating them Nick wrapped a blanket around me so I ate Pigs in a Blanket, in a blanket! They were delicious!

This picture is from Freshmen Year when I ran my first race ever with my friend Sarah. This was the Rex Lee 10k run. I did really well averaging 7:20min/mile. At the end of my freshmen year I ran a half marathon. I crossed the line at 1:47:39, place 131/567 overall, 5/43 in my division, and 31/314 women. I began this year by running 4 times a week and I plan to continue that and increase my miles so that I can run another half marathon and hopefully improve my time! Today I realized how much I have missed running. I love just thinking as I run or not thinking at all and just admiring the beauty of the earth. I love the feeling after of being exhausted but energized. Hopefully someday I can get Nick to like running too so that we can be running buddies. As of now I just run on my own which I kind of like because I can run at my own pace. I don't run extremely fast, but I plan my miles and I try to get them done as fast as I can.


  1. Glad to hear you are running again! I love it too. I finally got Ben out there with me. He is training for his first 1/2 in May. We'll see how it goes. You say you are not fast? But then you ran a 10K with a 7:20 pace??? You are fast Melanie! :) I so enjoyed our days of running together! I do most of my long miles alone these days too - soon Ben will catch up with me and I won't have to be alone!

  2. Judi, That is awesome that Ben is starting to run with you! Nick just doesn't have time to dedicate to running but maybe in ten years when he is done with medical school. I can't believe you ran 1000 miles last year! You are amazing! I must admit that if I hadn't run into to you and Stephanie that one day and started running with you I never would have been into running long distance. So thanks for letting me join you!

  3. Cute shirt!!!! Funny, but the daycare kids ate pigs in a blanket last week as well! ha! Oh, and when you two are busy with tons of homework, eat on paper plates!

  4. I love it!! I need to do something like this on C&C. Did you know that I hung out with your husband, Tijs, and people in High School and my brother Jonathan was best friends with Nick? CRAZY!