Saturday, April 23, 2011

Apples and Bananas

Since January Nick has been volunteering at the hospital doing Spanish interpretation but this time I joined him doing something a little different. We had the opportunity on Tuesday to volunteer for Intermountain Health Care at an elementary school promoting the "Fight Child Obesity" campaign. We went around to all the classrooms where we talked to the kids for a few minutes about being healthy and exercising and then we passed out jump ropes to encourage them to be active. It was really fun and our uniforms were awesome. Here is a picture of me in mine:

Nick was an apple but we forgot to get a picture of him. Others were dressed as grapes, a carrot, and peas. The kids really loved it. One kid said, "Man there's fruit people everywhere here today!" As a future dietitian I am totally going to get some of those costumes for my kids for Halloween! We had a blast serving together!

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