Saturday, April 2, 2011

Remembering My Childhood

When my mom came to visit she brought a bunch of stuff from my childhood. I finally went through the boxes the other day and it brought back so many memories. There were my band t-shirts and band CD's (which I listened to... I haven't played the flute for 2 years and probably won't ever get to play the piccolo again), my lacrosse uniforms (the nice weather is also making me really miss playing), piano trophies, projects from elementary and middle school, and a bunch of other random stuff. This picture shows a few of my middle school projects.
I don't know when I made the brain thing but all the wood things are from a shop class I took in 8th grade. That is when I was obsessed with ice cream (I seriously would buy anything that had ice cream on it) so that is why the car I made is an ice cream cone.

I had a lot of fun growing up! I'm glad I have these things and pictures to remember it all.

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