Sunday, April 14, 2013


This is a few weeks late but I had to post about our fun Easter with the fam.  It was so much fun spending time with Nick's parents and brother's family up in Seattle.  Kevin and Nanci have such a cute family!  It makes me so excited to have our little one and more!

Easter was such a beautiful day to celebrate our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  I am so grateful for his sacrifice so that I can be made clean through his atoning sacrifice.

After we got home from church on Easter we snapped a few cute pictures and then Nick and I hid the 200+ eggs all over the backyard.

After our delicious Easter dinner (lamb with mint jelly, potatoes, rolls, asparagus, salad) the kids began the hunt.  Kevin and Nanci's youngest was not interested in finding eggs at all.  He just wanted to play with all of grandma's toys!  Grandma had us hide 4 gold and silver eggs really hard and each had a dollar in them.  The kids tried really hard to find them and were so excited when they got one.  As you can see from the pictures Brooks was really proud of himself for getting a golden egg (he is holding it up, showing it off). 

After the egg hunt and some yummy dessert we all goofed off in the living room as Grandpa Dueck entertained us with his musical talent on the organ and accordion!  It reminded me of when I was a kid and my siblings and I would dance around in our living room to one of us playing the piano or just a CD.  Joseph was fascinated with Grandpa's instruments!  Probably because they both had a billion buttons.  (I messed around on the organ a little bit too and actually found it quite fascinating!  I could only press the foot peddles with my toes though #shortpeopleprobems.  After I have the baby and I'm not working anymore and dedicate more time to learning the hymns I might try picking up the organ!)

The boys love Nick and always want to talk to him about the video game "Final Fantasy". (Sometimes they even call him to ask him how to get past a certain part!)

Is this just so cute!

This is Nick's old accordion from when he learned to play (he doesn't play anymore, but I'm thinking he should start up again!  It is such a beautiful sounding instrument and you can play so many varieties of music).  James got pretty interested and is going to start taking lessons from Grandpa!

And here is Mae!  She has gotten really into gymnastics within the last month and taught herself from watching YouTube videos (she said a good search is "eight year old doing gymnastics").  She made this routine up all on her own!  She asked me for some cool new moves so I told her about one that I did when I took gymnastics back in the day.  It's a backward somersault to a handstand.  She can almost do it but she said she would "master it" and show it to me at our family reunion in July.  She is such a cute girl and I think it is awesome that she learned it all on her own!

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