Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pike's Place Market

For Easter weekend we took a trip up to Washington to visit Nick's family.  It is always so much fun to be with family whether we are playing, discovering new places, eating, or just having great chats.  I am so grateful to have married into such a great family where I feel right at home!

Our first day there we first renewed Nick's license and the rest of the day we got to chill with Nick's dad.  We ran some errands and picked up some delicious beef jerky from a  local butcher.  Nick was really excited about that (he loves meat!).  We then took a drive through the country side.  Washington is truly beautiful with the green grass and trees, lush mountains, and sparkling blue water.  When we got back Nick's mom and I went to the outlet mall to shop for baby things!  We went for the purpose of getting a gift for Nick's friend since childhood (Austin) a baby gift but we found such a great deals that Cathy insisted we get a few things for my baby too.  She is so sweet!  We all then met up with Nick's brother and his wife (Kevin and Nanci) who live in town and we all went to dinner at Nick's favorite restaurant here Mez Cal and had a fun time chatting there.

On Saturday it was so beautiful out!  It was like 70 degrees without a cloud in the sky!  Every time I have come to Seattle the weather has always been beautiful (not rainy everyday like everyone thinks).  Kevin and his family came with Nick's parents and us to Pike's Place Market in downtown Seattle.  It was pretty crowded but still fun and we got to see some interesting things/people.  Right when we got down there and were trying to park a person came up to us trying to get us to pay him for parking when you really just put your money in a machine.  Nick's dad knew right away that he was a scammer and didn't even roll down his window.  The guy went up to Kevin's car and Nick's dad yelled across the lot "he's a scammer!"  The guy then backed away and even left the lot.  

Nick's family introduced me to piroshkys four years ago when I first came out to visit them.  The best ones are the smoked salmon piroshkys!  It is a pastry filled with ground up salmon, cream cheese, and spices and is so freakin good!  We had to wait in line for over 30 minutes to get some but it was worth it! I am going to try to replicate them.  They also make dessert ones and Nick and I got the apple cinnamon roll which was also pretty good.

Raw Salmon Piroshky 

All the various yummy pastires

Nick on his 2nd salmon piroshky

It was a great lunch!

Close up of the delciousness

It's in the shape of a fish!

Us in the crowded Pike's Place Market

Those lobster tails are huge!!!

Here is a fun video of fish throwing!

So many beautiful flowers!

It was a perfect day!

The water is sparkling!

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  1. What a wonderful time it was having you both with us!!