Friday, November 1, 2013

5 Months

I can't believe how fast time flies by!  Carly is growing up so fast.  I feel like she is learning and doing something new and more advanced each day.  It's so exciting to see what she discovers next!  Here are pictures, videos, and some things that Carly has been up to this past month:

-She goes to sleep in her crib great!  I hum "I am a Child of God" as I swaddle her and carry her to her room, give her a kiss, and lay her down.  She falls asleep within a few minutes while sucking on her binky.

-Carly goes to sleep at about 7:30 each night and wakes up once during the night to eat.  She doesn't really look up at me until I am changing her diaper and although I am so tired and don't want to get her excited I find myself smiling back at her.  It makes her so happy that she starts to kick and arch her back.

-Sleeping other places doesn't really happen except for in the car.  This makes 3 hour church difficult but I have been able to have her sleep for 30 minutes for the past few weeks.

-Carly is now rolling over from her back to her tummy!  When she plays on the floor she lifts her legs in the air and then lets them drop to the side (usually the right) and will play on her side for a bit and then go to her tummy.  She doesn't like being on her tummy that much still so if she can't get to her back again she gets a bit upset.  A few times I have found her sleeping on her side while in her crib.  I'm not sure why but she looks even cuter sleeping on her side than on her back.

-Carly loves eating!  I started feeding her rice cereal at the end of the month because she was getting a little jealous of Nick and I always eating in front of her and she started waking up twice in the night to eat.  Her first feeding was hilarious!  She was a little confused with the first couple bites but then she realized it was pretty good and was smacking her lips!  Every night when I feed her she gets so excited.  She jabbers and smiles and is really good about opening her mouth when I come close with the spoon and sometimes she will move forward and chomp down on the spoon.  Unfortunately she thinks that it's a good time to try eating her hands and then things get messy.

-She likes to look at her hands.  For a while she looked at her fist but now she will open and close her fingers and rotate wrist and just stare.

-She has always enjoyed her baths but she is starting to get excited and kick while in the tub.  She cries a little after I take her out, probably because she gets cold but she always calms down when I put the baby lotion on her.  It probably feels like a little message.

-When she is tired she rubs her eyes with her hands and rubs her face into my shoulder or chest.

-She likes to eat her fingers.  She doesn't really suck on them but she sticks them in her mouth and drools everywhere.

-She is starting to grab toys and put them in her mouth.

-She will probably be sitting up on her own by Christmas.  She can sit for 5-10 seconds on her own and then starts to lean to one side.

-When rocking Carly before putting her in her crib for the night she likes to makes little sounds to sooth herself.  It is the sweetest sound ever!

-Carly is a talker!  Not as much when we are in public but at home she is vocal and is progressively getting louder.  She often makes somewhat of a roar.  While changing her diaper during her middle of the night feeding she can sometimes get quite loud that I'm afraid she'll wake up Nick.  I try not to react to it but I can't help but smile at her because it is just so darn cute!

-She attended her first service project as a family.  Nick volunteered at ConAgra to bag bread and take it to a homeless shelter.  We tagged along to help him and Carly just chilled in her car seat watching Nick and I bag bread.  The ladies that worked at the company loved her and were so excited to have a baby visit.

-She has a toy bird that squeaks when you squeeze it and when I first started using it to play with her I would squeak it while moving it closer to her until it was in her mouth.  Now whenever I squeak it she opens her mouth right away expecting it to go in but then when I put it in she has a confused and disgusted look. Oops!...but cute!

-I play a game with her where I have her sitting on my knees facing me and I hold her hands and bounce my knees up and down singing William Tell Overture and will randomly let her lean back a little bit and feel like she is falling.  She gets the biggest smile and starts laughing and giggling.  She also really like our "row, row, row your boat" game where we sit facing each other and while holding her hands I pull and push her to the song and at the end I gently let her fall back.

-Every day Nick grabs the guitar and plays and sings for Carly while she sits in her bumbo.  Her favorite is "Here Comes the Sun" and "Blackbird".  With the strum of the very first cord Carly recognizes the song and just lights up.  She gets so excited that she starts to shake.

-Nick occasionally plays the piano and has Carly sit in her highchair and watch.  She of course loves it!

-I have been trying to play the piano everyday so after dinner while Nick studies I pull her over in her highchair to watch and listen to me play.  She doesn't find me as entertaining as her daddy, probably because I play all the slow hymns since they are the easiest but she quiets down if I sing along.

-We discovered that Carly likes listening to us beat box. haha!  She likes it most when Nick beat boxes while bouncing her to the beat and me dancing/bouncing with them.  Kind of weird but it's so fun!

-Another game she enjoys is a mini/safer version of airplane.  I lay on my back and fold my knees up to my chest and lay Carly belly down on my shins with her head poking above my knees.  I hold her hands and I keep my knees bent and lower my feet to the floor and then lift them up to make her go up and down.  She LOVES it!  The other day I had her laughing really hard and smiling so big.  We sure have a blast together.

-So maybe I'm just weird but when Carly starts to fuss I will sing or do anything weird to cheer her up.  A few times the song "La Cucaracha" has come to mind and just recently she thought it was hilarious.

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