Monday, November 11, 2013

Carly's Nursery

 I finally finished Carly's Nursery!

This is the crib I slept in when I was a baby.  It is still in really good condition since it was only used for me and then any guests at our home with babies.  It is cherry wood with lace bedding.

I had some leftover white lace fabric and wanted to use that in her room so I got these 8 x 10 canvas boards and spray painted them watermelon pink which happened to perfectly match the chair fabric and bins in her room.

Nick's sister Allison was so generous and gave us her old super nice glider.  The cushions were actually blue and with her having had 5 kids it looked pretty worn so I bought some fabric on sale at JoAnn's and made slipcovers.  (I still need to make slip covers for the armrest cushions.)

I already had the mirror but it was black so I spray painted that as well as the picture frames (from the dollar store) which I still need to put pictures in.  I made the wreath with some light pink tulle I already had and tied strips of it around an embroidery hoop.

I still had more tulle and lace and I saw this idea on Pinterest.  I have the lights plugged into an outlet that's connected to the light switch so it works perfect for easy low light midnight feedings.  I got the white LED Christmas lights since they are supposed to last 22 years 3 hours/day.  I cut 6 inch squares of tulle and 6x3 inch pieces of lace and then between the lights I tied tulle, lace, tulle.  It is draped around the window and looks adorable whether the the lights are on or off.

I got this dresser on Craigslist a month after we moved in.  The paint was in bad condition and the woman I got it from first told me it was $20 but then wouldn't accept our money so we got it FREE!  People here in Omaha are so nice!  So I sanded the whole thing and then painted it white (I wasn't brave enough to paint it a color).  I tried to clean the pulls but they were too tarnished/rusted.  I didn't plug the holes so if I wanted new ones I was limited to selecting pulls 2.5 inch and apparently that is a thing of the past so I just spray painted them dark walnut.  Although it was fun to do this project, it was harder than I anticipated (sanding) so the next time we need furniture I'll just save up.

I had these pink flowers and soda bottles so I just painted them watermelon pink and then hot glued the lace fabric around it.

I have lots of bows and headbands (thank you mom!) and desperately needed something to organize them so I could see all that I had.  I bought a large picture frame from Good Will and popped out the back and glass and then I painted it white.  I then glued on the ribbon that I already had and screwed in the hooks.

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.  I wouldn't have been able to have such a nice nursery for Carly without the generosity of family members and random people (dresser lady).  I am truly grateful.  Also, props to Pinterest for all the inspiration!

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  1. Carly's room is ADORABLE!!!!! Well done Melanie!! You are so crafty!!! Love it!