Sunday, December 1, 2013

6 Months

Carly is as cute as can be!  She is learning so much each day and growing.  Her cheeks seem to keep getting bigger and bigger which makes them even more fun to kiss!  She is truly a happy baby that has a melt your heart smile.  We just can't seem to kiss her or squeeze her enough!  Here are some fun pictures and memories about Carly from the past month:

-Carly is starting to knowingly cuddle.  It is the best to just have some quiet time with her cuddling on the couch in the morning... until she starts grabbing my hair.

-Carly LOVES her daddy.  Her face lights up with the biggest grin when daddy walks in the room saying "Good Morning!" or  "How are you?"  She squeals and gets so full of joy she starts to shake a bit.  It is precious and makes me so happy.  I love those too!

-She is getting better at grabbing toys.  When toys are put in front of her it takes her a few seconds but she realizes that she can move her hands, grab them, and shove them in her mouth.  Her favorite toys are her butterfly and blue duck.  The other day I had her sitting on the floor with a boppy around her and she was holding her butterfly and occasionally would put it in her mouth and she all of a sudden started laughing.  I don't know what it was but something was funny about that butterfly.  It brings me so much joy to see that my baby is happy. :)

-Nursing is still going well, the only problem is that sometimes Carly just comes off and stares at me until I look at her and then she goes back to eating.  It's so cute that she just wants to check in with me. Oh and she sometimes tries to wiggle her thumb in while nursing.

-Carly has a play mat that has animals on it and a few times I have had her stand on each animal while I say the name of the animal and then make the animal sound and she just cracked up at the sound "rib-it".  Oh the things that make her laugh!

-Sometimes Carly will play with her binky and chew on the side and then suck on it and pull it out.  A few times she has pushed her thumb so far in the hole of her binky it has gotten stuck and she starts to fuss until we get it off.

-Carly loves being surprised.  She jumps a bit but smiles and laughs.

-She is fascinated with clapping and loves it when I clap to the beat of the "Cups" song.

-She loves forts!  I just drape a thin blanket over her play mat and she just jabbers and plays with her toys.

-Carly likes to buzz her lips and spit.  I'm fine with the spitting most of the time, just not while eating and then her food ends up on me.

-Sometimes it looks like Carly is chewing gum but it's just air.  Not quite sure why she does it.

-She loves it when Nick speaks Spanish to her.

-When Carly finishes nursing she is usually pretty happy and content and just lays in my arms jabbering with her fingers in her mouth.

-Sometimes when I do dishes I put her in her highchair by me and she will often just stare at the running water.

-She likes paying tag.  Sometimes I hold her and we chase Nick around the apartment.

-Carly does really well around other people.  When in a large place she is pretty quiet as she takes it all in and looks at her surroundings.  She still goes to others pretty well and didn't have a problem when my mom and step-dad came and visited for Thanksgiving.  She warmed up pretty fast and was smiling and laughing with them.

-When my mom was in town and feeding Carly some sweet potatoes she started to move the spoon all around and Carly started laughing pretty hard.  It was really cute to see her laughing with her grandma. :)

-Carly is sitting really well but I still put pillows around her for when she gives up and falls.  Sitting up is probably her favorite position... and on her stomach is still the least.

We sure love her!

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